Being Honest with Hillary Should Make Democrats Believe in Bernie

With the Democratic Presidential Primary race nearing the point of certainty, it is important for Democrats and left leaning Independents to be honest about their front running nominee Hillary Clinton. To ask themselves, is this the candidate they need to win in a general election. The decisions of voters over the next few weeks will either galvanize her nomination in inevitability or cast a clear ray of hope upon her trailing opponent Bernie Sanders.

Evaluating Hillary Clinton is not a particularly difficult task. A life in public service at the absolute highest of levels in society grant this ease. Her stance on every important issue of the past 3 decades facing our country is documented and is within a moments reach in the Information Age. It is a burden of exposure and public vetting that has hardened her loyalist support. However, it may also have turned their eyes from the frailty in candidate Hillary is this election season.

As a Senator for New York, Hillary describes herself a success for securing the funds to rebuild New York City after 9-11. Which is true. Her partnership with then President George W. Bush procured the transaction, but lets be honest. How hard would it really have been to secure those funds? There was not a bipartisan struggle that occurred where she had to overcome tremendous obstacles to accomplish this task. She was backed by a nation and an Oval Office that was willing to do anything it could to help.

However, a questionably effective Senator role is not the only speed bump Hillary will encounter in a general election campaign.

Hillary sets herself apart from her opposition with her prowess in foreign policy and her role as Secretary of State under President Obama bestows this advantage. Still, let’s be honest. Is her time as Secretary of State a platform she should take on her way to November? 

Forget Benghazi, which will most definitely be brought up again late summer and early fall. It’s her reckless approach to national security with her email server that produces this ominous cloud of poor judgment.

Regardless of what the FBI and the Department of Justice determine, the propensity for her to exchange protocol for convienence is damning. Besides the failure to clearly separate email accounts, Hillary requested a modified Blackberry to allow her to be in constant contact even in authoritarian ruled governments and regimes. Places in the world where communication surveillance is a reality leaving even the tightest encryption vulnerable. 

Understandably, the issue of technology awareness may skate by the late boomer generation. But, it does serve to explain some of her disconnect to millennials. People born after 1980 know exactly how dangerous carelessness in a cyber world can be.

Still, even if a public pass is given on her cyber behavior, there are more reasons for Democrats to be concerned about a possible Hillary Clinton nomination.

Hillary believes her hurdlesque bar of being widely viewed as untrustworthy is merely her inability to portray herself as a natural politician. That in comparison to her husband and President Obama she falters and there is some validity in that premise, but let’s be honest. Her untrustworthiness is not based on political perception. It finds its roots in a lifetime of speaking to polls, where popular opinion at the time superseded core beliefs and values.

Mainstream media attempts to cover the eyes of the public liken to the polio stricken FDR. However, countless hours of uploaded video on YouTube easily pull back the curtain and reveal the President in a wheelchair. Even in a campaign against a kid gloved Bernie Sanders, Hillary is already hiding herself in edited interviews. The type of interviews where possible comments or expressions that could hinder her candidacy find their way to the cutting room floor.

If she’s having trouble maintaining against honest opposition, how will she stand when a Republican starts lying?

Unfortunately for Hillary, there remains a giant elephant in the room that the Democratic Party must acknowledge before moving forward with her as their nominee.

In order to win a general election, Hillary has to be able to garner the support of the Sanders base. Again, just being honest about his political base. Democrats should know that’s most likely not going to happen.

His support has a fundamental difference with hers. It is a separation that is based on an ideology rather than a party. The magnetism of Sanders is also the repulsion of establishment politics. In their eyes, she is seen as part of the problem and no longer a part of the solution.

Over the next few weeks, the fate of the Democratic Party is resting in the hands of their voters. If they move forward with Hillary Clinton, a Republican President for the next 4 years is almost inevitable.

The loyalist support of the Democratic Party will remain. However, the left leaning independents will become disenfranchised and will either not vote at all or simply cast their selection for the always safe, but improbable write in/Green Party. 

It’s the repeated prophecy of Bernie Sanders. Low voter turnout and the Republicans win.

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