Bernie Does More For Democrats Than Hillary

A stinging rebuttal has emerged to pro-Bernie posts on social media. It is the predictable echo of the stiff jab from the Clinton campaign, that was broadcast to the nation in an interview on MSNBC. The disparage of Sanders for not fund raising for down ballot Democrats.

However, like most innuendos from the Clinton campaign towards Sanders. The statement is only surface true. When the top layer is removed, it becomes ridiculously false.

By Sanders own admission, the prospect of his presidential campaign participating in direct fundraising for down ballot Democrats is still being determined. But, to state that he is not helping down ballot Democrats is off the chain.

Every state the Sanders campaign reaches, dubious Republican leaders like Michigan Governor Rick Snyder or Wisconsin’s Scott Walker are left with a scarlet letter. 
Where Clinton has remained cautious to tread for political ramifications, Sanders boldly takes the stage and identifies elected officials by name. State after State, the massive rallies become bulls-eye paintings for Republican Party targets. From Governor to Sheriff and city council, when Sanders rolls into town, no public official is guaranteed safety.

Hell, there might be a complete unseating of all Maricopa County, Arizona public officials. After the atrocities of voter suppression, that his supporters refused to remain quiet about. A sentiment only Sanders echoed. When he described the Arizona Presidential Preference election, as a national disgrace.

Realizing this, to continue to describe Bernie Sanders as a candidate that is not in aid of the Democratic Party is foolish. In an age where political information is bias, just identifying corrupt or negligent public officials is half the battle. 

And while still living in a democracy…A million dollars in a campaign fund doesn’t mean anything, if a candidate loses by one uninformed vote.


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