Bernie Reaches a Million in New York

In an interview with Jake Tapper on State of the Union for CNN, Bernie Sanders announced that over 900,000 people have attended his rallies since the start of this campaign. Astounding nonetheless, considering it is still just the primary. What makes this number special is that given the combined attendance of his rallies since the interview was broadcast (roughly 60,000). Someone in New York will be the millionth attendee.

Now whether bells and whistles will blast, as the turnstile records the lucky person is unknown. However, just going off the attendance then Senator Obama drew to his New York City rally at Washington Square Park (24,000). The millionth rally goer for Bernie Sanders will likely be in the crowd. When Sanders takes the stage at the aforementioned venue April 13th.

The fact that Sanders has reached this benchmark so early in the campaign is a testament to the resonating quality of his message. And quite frankly, his relentless work ethic. Yes, Obama drew larger crowds, but Sanders is doing this in one small venue after the next. He is piling up the numbers, 5-10k a pop, often giving upwards of 3 rallies a day. For a 74 year old man, his energy is inspirational.

Again, will there be a public display when the millionth attendee enters the park? Who knows. But if you’re anywhere close to Washington Square Park in New York City on April 13th. The gates open at 5 pm. You never know, a Bernie Sanders selfie or place on the stage may be in wait.

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