Why is The DNC Playing Kobe Clinton, When They Just Drafted Bernie Curry?

It really is amazing how determined the Democratic Party is on losing this Presidential election. Faced with the obvious difficulty of a third consecutive term in the White House, the party remains content to run their most vulnerable candidate. It’s absolutely maddening. Liken to the Lakers acquiring Steph Curry before last season, and benching him to play Kobe Bryant. 

Drawing parallels between professional basketball players and presidential candidates is a bit imaginative. Regardless, the similarities between them are clear and identifiable.

Both Kobe Bryant and Hillary Clinton have seen their better days. Yes, there was an undeniable point in each of their respective careers when they were unstoppable. The time for Bryant was when he was under Phil Jackson and paired with Shaq. The time for Clinton was after her role as First Lady and during her tenure as Senator of New York. 

Unfortunately for both, those days have come and gone. Shells of their former selves, they’re left heroic in name alone. Each sharing a Shakespearean fate of being robbed of all-time greatness by a phenom from Akron, Ohio, and a one term U.S. Senator from Illinois. 

The potential for a comeback was alive for both, however Bryant’s degradation of body also became Clinton’s jaded role as Secretary of State and the inescapable judgment of time on ‘evolving’ political stances.

Enter Sanders and Curry.

Bernie Sanders is undeniably the Steph Curry of this presidential campaign season. He is an absolute game changer.

Anyone who has paid attention to the National Basketball Association over the past 5 years, understands how Stephen Curry fundamentally changed the way the game is played. His prowess from beyond the three-point line has moved a game of reliance on high percentage inside shots, to the scoreboard lighting perimeter. Simply put, Curry found a proficient way to exchange 2 for 3.

Like Curry, Bernie Sanders has fundamentally changed the game of presidential campaign financing. Based almost entirely on small individual donations. His seemingly endless flow of campaign funds is a debunk to the requisite of needing Super PACs to fund a serious bid for president.

It is a realistic assumption that by the time his campaign reaches California in June, he could have close to 10 million individual contributions. An unbelievable accomplishment, that would hold tremendous weight in a general election. 

Why is that one issue so huge? National polls state that 80% of U.S. voters believe campaign finance reform is a need in politics. 

Fortunately for the Democratic National Comittee, this parallel is not all-inclusive. The Los Angeles Lakers did not acquire Stephen Curry before the season. However, the DNC has obtained the services of Bernie Sanders. They are not forced to give a fragile hero a final tour and consumate a lost season. They can run the game changing candidate and actually make a third straight championship run. 

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Hampton is a contributor to Brooklynfights and other Boxing sites
Piece was edited by Adam Ewing
Journalism major at OKBU


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