Main Stream Media Strikes Out: 3 Big Things They Missed This Democratic Primary

Even with multiple 24 hour news channels, news stories are missed or not completely covered. Here are 3 of the biggest events that occurred during the democratic presidential primary season that were passed over by major media outlets. Again, this is just 3 of them. If you feel there are more please share in the comments below.

1. Arizona Presidential Preference Election

The fact that there is an ongoing department of justice investigation, into the Arizona presidential preference election, and major media outlets have failed to justly recognize it is amazing. It is not that it isn’t a captivating storyline. From voter suppression through modern day poll taxes to a Secretary of State incenuating a potential data breach, it’s all there. 

Still, when given an opportunity to serve the nation by highlighting the disgraceful charade of democracy. Major media turned their heads and focused on the sensationalism of a perverted Alabama Governor. As Stan Lee penned, with great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately for all citizens, major media has yet to be responsible with this.

2. The Sanders Future to Believe in Rallies

The phenomenon of the massive Sander’s political rally, will be a feat, future presidential candidates will dream to duplicate. Since his campaign’s inception, Sanders has had more than a million attendees. Van Jones of CNN was absolutely correct. It’s hard to get 5000 people to come together for anything. Yet, all across the United States, packed venues and overflow crowds have heard his Future to Believe In message. 

His rallies are not ratings driving rhetoric to an angry audience. Instead, they are an atmosphere of peace and enthusiasm for political change. Quite frankly, individual glimmers of hope in an often seemed desperate world. Unfortunately, major media prefers ratings to hope. And the lyrics to Buffalo Springfield’s Broken Arrow never ring more true.

🎶The lights turned on and the curtain fell down. And when it was over, it felt like a dream. They stood at the stage door and begged for a scream. The agents had paid for the black limousine. That waited outside in the rain. 

Did you see them, did you see them Did you see them in the river? They were there to wave to you Could you tell that the empty-quivered Brown-skinned Indian on the banks That were crowded and narrow Held a broken arrow🎶

3. Correct The Record

In time, the hiring of the firm Correct The Record by a Hillary Clinton Superpac to effectively troll social media could be considered one of the biggest blunders of her political career. To someone over 50, this action may be of little concern. However, to someone under 30 it’s sacrelige. 

Go beyond the act of purchasing followers, which in some social media circles is already considered desperate. The knowledge that her online support could be paid for bots is damning. From now on, an online pro-Hillary post will be met with a scrutiny of being unauthentic and voyeuristic in nature. 

Why major media didn’t cover this extensively is beyond comprehension. Not only does it display her unpopularity online. This also shows the propensity for a potential head of the NSA to willingly disguise herself in the public domain. Again, for major media to miss this story is dumbfounding. What could be more breaking news than Big Brother becoming Big Sister? 

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