Donald Trump Will Debate Sanders or #ChickenTrump Sticks Forever

There must have been a sinking feeling around Casa De Trump, whenever Donald Trump began his Memorial Day weekend. The recently crowned presumptive nominee of the Republican Party was most likely hoping for a time of celebration, but instead was forced to stare down an infamous moniker that when correctly applied is nearly unshakeable. He had just been labeled #ChickenTrump. 

The accurate nickname given to Trump stemmed from a series of events involving Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and his supporters. While on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel live, Trump agreed to debate Bernie Sanders in California. At the time he remarked he would “love to” and only if it was for charity, but he didn’t stop there. 

The next day Trump procured the clash demanding upwards of 15 million to be given for the event to occur, which was extremely admirable considering that much money really does change things for worthy causes. However, when the offers from several media moguls began to roll in, Donald Trump found himself retreating and ultimately backing out.

In a matter of moments, from Trump’s announcement that he decided not to debate, the #ChickenTrump began trending on Twitter and quickly reached the 100k milestone. For everyone but Trump fans, it was actually a beautiful thing. The Sanders supporters lit the fire but quickly other candidate bases joined in on the barn burning. There was Hillbots retweeting Berners and die hard Cruzers, Rubios, and Kasichs doing the same. Like the moment in movies, when all the kids throw rocks together at the school yard bully that just got ousted. The self-perceived ultimate giver of derogatory surnames had just received possibly the worst one of all.

Trump should understand well, the toxicity that comes with the moniker of chicken. His longtime presence around championship boxing grants him this intrinsic knowledge. He has seen massive fan bases of professional fighters disappear overnight because of it. Trump knows why Sugar Ray Leonard had to leave the safety of retirement and return to the ring to fight Marvelous Marvin Hagler and what the reason behind Larry Holmes’s reckless desire for Mike Tyson was.  Sugar Ray and Holmes didn’t need the money, they knew they had to for posterity sake because the label “chicken” is only removed by facing the challenger. Like it or not, Trump must change his mind and debate Bernie Sanders or the avian scrutiny will perpetually return. 

The American people deserve to see this debate. Donald Trump desires to be our President and if he plans on accomplishing anything, he must be able to display an ability to debate with Congress. Wild name calling or stating the cure for the California drought is simply just turning the water back on, doesn’t necessarily work on Capitol Hill. Senator Bernie Sanders is widely regarded by his colleagues as one of the best debators in congress, with Sanders  the talk is about the “the real issues facing the American people” or there is no talk at all. 

Manny Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotions offered 20 million guaranteed to charity to put on the debate. It’s unfortunate that some worthy cause won’t receive it because Donald Trump decided to become ChickenTrump.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.-Dr. Seuss

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