If Hillary Clinton is Indicted, Colin Powell Deserves an Apology 

Colin Powell did it too.

Since the earliest days of the Hillary Clinton campaign, that has been the repeated response of Clinton and her surrogates to any scrutiny she has received, regarding her email practices as Secretary of State. There’s only one problem with the response. It’s simply not true.

Though Fox News and other right wing media outlets have pointed out this distortion of facts for months, it wasn’t until an Inspector General appointed by the Obama administration, released a devastating report that Democrats and left leaners began to recognize the obvious. The way Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton regarded the handling of State Department email, was night and day in difference.

According to a March analysis by PolitiFact:

Like Clinton, Powell used a personal email address. However, there’s a big difference: Clinton hosted her email on a private server located in her home. Powell did not.

Many politicians use private addresses, but private servers like the one Clinton used are rarely seen, said John Wonderlich, a policy director at the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan group focused on government transparency, for a prior PolitiFact story.

And there’s a big difference between a private account, which is generally free and simple to start, and a private server, which requires a more elaborate setup.

Moreover, the IG report itself virtually exonerated Powell and his private email account practices, citing security protocol had strengthened since his tenure (Powell was the first Secretary to use email) and that unlike Clinton, he didn’t use it exclusively. No, Powell wasn’t trying to circumvent the system, he was just trying to usher in a new communication system and ease the skepticism of its use in State Department affairs.

The reason the Clinton campaign associated the name of Colin Powell with her email practices as Secretary of State was because of his favorablility and pedigree. Powell retired a four star general, he held the offices of National Security Adviser and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff before becoming Secretary of State. His admirable career exudes procedure and to the general public it would create an incredible blinder over Clinton’s actions. Simply put, they used an honorable man’s name to provide cover for Hillary’s jaded past.

If Clinton is indicted over her use of a private email server, Powell should be infuriated. No matter how many think pieces that are written, to make the distinction between Clinton and Powell, there will always be a percentage of the population that will believe they did the same thing. And though Powell has repeatedly pushed off requests for his own presidential run, if he was to ever change his mind, this would be an unwarranted subject matter he would have to address along the way.

The use of Colin Powell should serve as ample warning to Republicans wanting to back a Clinton led Democratic Party. Whenever Democrats wanted to elect the first African American President, a liberal Republican Powell crossed party lines and endorsed Barack Obama. Whenever Hillary Clinton needed to hide a self inflicted wound, she thanked Colin Powell by throwing him under the bus.

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”-Dr. Seuss

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