Hillary Clinton Should Concede to Bernie Sanders For The Sake of The Republic

The most accurate, yet least used, description of the United States is as a Republic. According to Webster, a Republic is “a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.” And though its use is somewhat reserved to intellectual circles, where literary political icons like Gore Vidal are often echoed, there isn’t a more fitting term to describe what type of a nation we are or were intended to be.

This inherent belief that “supreme” power belongs to the people and not to monarchs or dictators is etched into the bones of Americans, like a tribal tattoo. It is a realized distinction in the world and though the term Republic is rarely referenced in popular culture, it remains an omnipresent American trait. However, the power of a Republic is not in how it governs society, rather its ability to reclaim itself when infringed upon.

For more than a century, there has been a consistent transfer of political strength from the majority to the few, in the Republic of the United States. The exchange has been fueled by the ability of mainstream media to create a narrative and the blind ambitions of industrial greed. Whenever corporate tycoons and media magnates discovered their potential to elect and persuade government officials, an already degraded state saw large amounts of political power disappear from the majority seemingly overnight. However, as with most obscenities to the Republic, when realized by the people, the retaliation can be swift and even irrational.

An obvious sign a reclamation of power is occurring has been corporate media’s inability to construct an effective narrative, this presidential election season. Though viewership ratings are on par with 2008, the level of trust the audience has in their content is at all time lows. The people may still be watching, however they’re finding their direction in the public forums of social media and the internet. Which is a justifiably frightening image for corporate media executives whose political power resides in the ability to create a probable scenario. The people are increasingly forgoing cable news for guidance, instead they’re restoring their Republic by seeking truths from each other.

The irony in the loss of political power for media magnates is the ‘race to the bottom’ theory that explains the decrease of wages in American jobs, will be the same theory that degrades their clout in the political arena. Corporate media endorsed trade agreements that placed American workers in direct competition with foreign entities that paid wages of less than a dollar per hour, therefore creating a ‘race to the bottom’ where American workers are gradually paid less and less. The theory also applies to corporate media in an internet based public forum, when fact and opinion can be delivered in real time virtually free and without bias, a for profit corporate media will increasingly struggle to compete.

Still, there is another indicator of a power grab by the people of the American Republic. The rise to power for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is a reflection of a 2015 Gallup poll that showed an astonishing 75% of Americans believe the government is corrupt. The commonality between Trump and Sanders is that both candidates were perceived as not beholden to special interests. Trump described his campaign as self funded and Sanders fueled his with a staggering 8 million individual contributions. The people understand that the end of a corrupt government must begin with an unbeholden presidency and the bully pulpit it provides.

The pursuit of a restored Republic, where supreme power belongs to the people, will continue even in an irrational manner. Unless Trump commits an unpardonable sin between now and November, president elect will precede his name over Thanksgiving dinner this year. Corporate media can no longer construct an effective narrative and an overwhelming desire to end government corruption will produce this unreasonable outcome. It is because of this inevitability Hillary Clinton should concede her Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders. She can blame it on her health, the FBI, Republicans, or whatever she chooses and know she gave her Republic a proper leader, instead of an orange haired opportunist who captured America in a bitter state.

“I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent”-Dr. Seuss

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2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Should Concede to Bernie Sanders For The Sake of The Republic

  1. To those who say Jill lacks experience…. my response.

    Experience in what, corruption, corporate schmoozing, money laundering, war profiteering… I’ve had enough of the crooks with that type of “experience”. #JillStein has experience as a healer, a humanitarian, a civil rights champion, an environmental champion, a democracy warrior, a peace champion, a Truth teller, a visionary, even an animal rights advocate. I’ll take these qualities of experience any day over the 2 party crooks.


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