Hillary is Going Broke and the DNC Can’t Help Anymore

Edited by Samantha Bates

It was supposed to be easy, a mere formality of a primary campaign and then the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for President. The charade would last until March, and then Clinton would pivot to the general election. But something unexpected happened: the fringe candidate Bernie Sanders caught fire, and now Hillary is going broke.

Major media outlets reported in February that the majority of her donors had already reached their maximum campaign contribution, which wouldn’t have been an issue had things gone as planned. The problem was Sanders was still in the race and on pace to raise 40 million+ for the month. Clinton desperately needed to close Sanders out in March. However, she failed to do so.

Sanders opened March with an upset in Michigan and finished with a rout of the Northwest and Hawaii. To make matters worse for the cash strapped Clinton, he raised another daunting 40 million in campaign funds. With her core donors nearly tapped out, Clinton was facing two months in a campaign running solely on Super Pac money. Super Pacs can act in favor of, but can’t make direct contributions to, a campaign.

Like Mike Tyson described Muhammad Ali’s ability to dominate late rounds of championship boxing, Sanders is taking Clinton to deep waters and drowning her.

Need proof?

The press release from the Bernie Sanders campaign on the eve of the New York Primary shows how desperate Hillary is for funds at this moment.

In a letter to the DNC, the Sanders campaign describes how Clinton may be commingling funds between her joint fundraising committee with the DNC’s Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) and her campaign fund Hillary For America (HFA) by having HVA subsidize and even make “impermissible in-kind” contributions to HFA directly.

The letter points out that $15 million was used from the HVF for direct mail and online solicitations solely for Clinton, meaning the small donor return would only benefit one campaign and not be disbursed amongst the committee. The letter further states that the HVF is paying Clinton campaign staffers on an over reimbursement basis, allowing the committee to inject large sums of money into her campaign at any given time.

A recent filing with Federal Elections Committee cited that over 9 million dollars was given to HFA by HVF while less than 2 million was disbursed to the other committee members.

The circumvention of campaign finance laws to fuel a financially strapped campaign is where Hillary is now. In an election year, where criticism of the campaign finance system is at an all time high, she continues to gamble her and her party’s fate in the hands of big money.

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52 thoughts on “Hillary is Going Broke and the DNC Can’t Help Anymore

  1. As usual, the “owners” of the DNC had already made up their minds to run the “third-way” Republican-lite candidate, regardless of what the actual voters wanted. In the beginning, they were able to sell the story they wanted, but every week the campaign goes on, more and more are learning who and what they really are. Debbie Wasserman, the ex-campaign manager of 2008 is running the DNC as a private funding resource for Hillary and the corporate friends of DWS. If the DNC won’t wake up to reality, then the reality will wake up to them.

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      1. Do your homework. Turn off the corporate-owned and run TV and radio and newspapers and magazines. Tune INTO The Young Turks, The Ring of Fire and other news outlets that will give you the truth, not some cover-up to anoint their queen. I’m willing to bet you know NOTHING about Hildemort’s criminal activity. She belongs in PRISON, not the White House. The only candidate running that will bring about positive change in this country is Sanders.

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      2. Mike Tyson is violent man and a convicted rapist; both of those behaviors disqualify him as a candidate ever to be compared in any way to Bernie Sanders. Your point was well taken, Alya.
        Considering Tyson’s aggressive behavior in and out of the ring, willfully participating in a sport that is representative of man’s basest instincts — to hurt another human being intentionally for money— or just because you can– to compare Bernie to him in any was ludicrous and wildly inappropriate.

        A better editor would have caught that.

        You who went out of your way to insult Alya for no valid reason who consider themselves Berners—
        I quote:
        “Feminazi” = Misogyny, plain and simple

        “…those lacking comprehension…..inexperienced in the ways of the world…” =(insulting her intelligence and using innocence as a pejorative…geez)

        ‘hahaha ….hypersensitive people……” = ridicule

        “Settle down.” = condescension, as to a child or ‘inferior’

        “Don’t hurt yourself reaching for that… …” = sarcasm

        “If you can’t be in the same room with (convicted rapist) Mike Tyson’s name, then maybe you’re oversensitive.” = completely insensitive remark

        Just a few examples of who has exhibited a “lack of comprehension” of
        a basic tenet of this campaign, a point Bernie has made crystal clear: Treat one another with care and respect.

        Alya hurt no one with her mild, almost self -effacing comment, Yet these comments were meant to hurt her.

        Anyone who has been damaged in the way Tyson hurt women may well experience the same reaction as Alya, on a visceral, jarring reflex because
        superimposing Bernie’s image over an act of violence shows a complete lack of respect for who this man is.

        But, as someone said, “Ignorance you can fix, but you can’t fix stupid.”

        So go watch a Bernie speech, you guys, particularly the one on religion and morality. Fix yourselves.


      3. Oh my goodness, if you are an HRC supporter and you don’t know what that means you MUST find out. It is devastating for her credibility, and it explains quite simply why if she is elected, we are all in deep problems.

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    1. Agreed. Bernie is doing an admirable job competing in a game rigged against him from the beginning. If Hillary succeeds in “winning” , it will be a Pyrrhic victory for the Democratic Party. She, in partnership with the DNC, has successfully alienated the most enthusiastic and engaged voting bloc currently supporting any candidate. She cannot undo that and she is seriously mistaken if she believes that we will support her in November.

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  2. this post would be perfect if you could just take out the Mike Tyson quote. It is unnecesary and is easily construed as promoting violence against women. Please, consider just deleting that line because it sounds bad.

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    1. It’s a metaphor for overthrowing or drowning her campaign. If it were a male candidate you wouldn’t think twice about it. Also it was a quote by a boxer about boxing. It’s really quite a spin to get it to where you are.

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      1. Thinking people are mindful of how others might construe it. It really doesn’t add to the article. The point is a good one, but the message turned people off (obviously) so feedback is relevant.


    2. its a figure of speech…it can definitely trigger some people, but politics triggers people…and it does seem to illustrate a point about wearing her out….she needs to be warn out…maybe you could offer a replacement example that would do the job without relating to violence on women….Hillary though, doesn’t remind me of woman, bc she is destroying our natural environment, not nurturing life and truth and justice.

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    3. How? That doesn’t even make any sort of sense..
      Only a modern day Feminazi could or would make that connection.. Careful, don’t hurt yourself reaching like that..


      1. Feminazi? Not a term I have ever heard or ever expect to hear coming out of Bernie Sanders’ mouth. When he says he respects women’s rights, that is the right not to be stereotyped or castigated for having an opinion. First Amendment, remember? Respecting the other person is a basic tenet of the Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialist Campaign Wise up.

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    4. It’s not a quote, it’s a comparison. If you can’t be in the same room as Mike Tyson’s name without being triggered then you might be a little bit too sensitive for the big kid pool.

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    5. It sounds like we’re both Bernie fans. But I’ve gotta say, It’s extremely frustrating how women turn things around as attacks against them. It’s a great analogy. I understand your concern, and I’m quickly learning just how careful we have to be when we speak just because it’s so easy to misunderstand what someone is saying. Nonetheless, there was nothing sexist about the analogy.

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    6. Given the fact that her campaign will use anything they can and twisted for sympathy, you are probably right they will make it into a veiled anit-women’s reference.

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    1. When did broadcast media rules change? In the late 90’s all candidates paid bottom dollar for advertising, rates were determined by an audit where stations examined lowest rate charged including all discounts and bonuses, it was hell to sell Rush Limbaugh at a penny a pop. AND it was required to give all candidates for a position equal air time. Did this go away when corporations bought the elections?


  3. Stupid people of America wake the Hell Up the Corporate ran news media have bamboozled and lead you a stray its not the President that changes things its the congress if we put more energy into who we send to D.C. to represent us we would be in the mess we are currently in . The politicians and corporate media have piss down you’re backs and told you its raining outside smdh !

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  4. I don’t pity the DNC in the least. They did this to themselves. After the Sandy Hook debacle you could not pay me to vote for HER! Using that to further your political agenda, and the outright lie about the guns all coming in from VT? Absolutely SHAMEFUL!!! As Obama said, she will do “Anything to win!” Well, she lost my vote, for good!

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  5. Stupid people of America wake the Hell Up the Corporate ran news media have bamboozled and lead you a stray its not the President that changes things its the congress if we put more energy into who we send to D.C. to represent us we wouldn’t be in the mess we are currently in . The politicians and corporate media have piss down you’re backs and told you its raining outside smdh !

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  6. Just another sad reminder that elections are all about one thing in the end – cash. They who raise and spend the most money win. This is not meant as a reflection on either campaign, but just the sad state of political affairs in general. But you know what? The guilt does not reside with the campaigns, the guilt resides with the low information attitude of the voting public, who are swayed by flash and soundbytes rather than substance. Or is all this money just thrown down the toilet to no real purpose. Either way, a bad deal.

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  7. Walk on water like Bernie does Hilary. Let go of the Wall Street life preserver. You will not drown if you only trust the people and not Wall Street. We are the water Bernie walks on. Make it rain!


  8. Ok guys….the comparison in the article is between Mohammad Ali and Bernie Sanders. Not Mike Tyson, Mike only sets up the comparison and is the historical reference for Mohammad Ali’s boxing style.

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  9. Well, I think it is safe to say that Hampton @calmopinto92 is an incredibly stupid, uninformed, definitely uneducated, buffoon. This article has to be the worst garbage, completely false, fantastical, pile of shit, I have ever read. So, how does Hillary Clinton having 40+ million in the bank, compared to Bernie Sanders with less than 5 million in the bank, translate into Hillary Clinton is broke? If you can’t do simple arithmetic, definitely refrain from writing articles about finances! What a moron! What a stupid, pathetic, no life, trolling, fool.HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!


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