Don’t Blame Me, I Voted Sanders

A repost due to a confusing headline

There is a chance for Democrats to have a third term as president, but the stubbornness of the party is making it nearly impossible to happen. Instead of embracing the future, they are holding onto a lethargic past. Liken to fools and pride, they have closed their eyes and are destined to fall.

The swinging national Gallup polls, suggest neither Republicans or Democrats control a majority of the population. In reality, both major parties control about 30% of the electorate. This creates a statistical imperative to persuade independent voters in a general election. For those Democrats that joyfully tweet #feelthemath, feel this for a moment. Without a clear majority of independent voters, it is impossible to win in November.

Realizing the necessity of capturing independents, one may assume a party would want to embrace their strongest candidate on this front. Not the Democrats. The Democrats have the most successful independent politician ever on their ticket in Bernie Sanders. His entire base is made up of these general election winning votes and the Democrats seem determined to kick him off. Not only that, they seem to want to alienate his base as well. 

The disdain the Clinton campaign and surrogates have shown toward Bernie Sanders and his supporters is beyond belief. Jeff Weaver, Sanders campaign manager was right when he said, “Hillary is sacrificing the party for her personal ambition to become president.” More often than not, the visceral tone of her campaign and surrogates has not been towards Sanders. Instead, they decided to ridicule his supporters.

Hillary discounted the next generation of Democrats and Independents, by referring to them as uninformed. An out of touch assessment, considering millennials could be the highest information generation of mankind. Simply, due to an entire lifespan with Internet access. But more than that. Very few people under 30 enjoy the suggestion, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

While Sanders openly referred to the elections held in Arizona and New York as a national disgrace, Hillary touted her victories as the will of the people. An opportunity for her to console the hearts of voters, who felt their voice had been intentionally silenced, went unacknowledged. 

The mainstream media didn’t do the Democrats any favors either, by ignoring the request of the DNC to stop showing super delegates. They hammered a graphic that infuriated Sanders supporters and with right. The numerical advantage they projected of her campaign, has been invaluable to her success. 

To think at the end of the day, Sanders can just wave his hand and everything will be fine is delusional.

This isn’t 2008 when the Democratic Party and left leaning independents wanted to vote Obama, but felt allegiance to Hillary. This is 2016, the year of campaign finance reform and Hillary is washed in money. It’s an ideological divide that may be irrepairable.

Now someone reading this may discount this opinion on head to head polls. Which is true, in head to head polls Hillary does often beat Trump. However, that poll does leave out an important piece of the equation. It is the choice of Trump’s running mate.

By choosing an extremely favorable running mate to the GOP, Trump can heal all divisiveness inside the party almost immediately. Just imagine the amount of neosporin, in a Trump Hailey ticket. He could plead the case to Republicans, his actions in the past were merely to guarantee his vision of the future. That he is a fighter, willing to do whatever it takes to “win” for the people. And right leaning independents will buy it. 

Republicans and right leaners have hungered for that office for 8 years and may appear to be a circus now. But dismissing their strength, is also ignoring their desperation. As long as the GOP feels in control, they will swallow the Trump pill to claim executive power. 

There is a chance for Democrats to have a third term as president, and if ever there was a time to Bern it’s now. Sanders has the independent base Democrats need to win in November. All the party needs to do now is open their eyes and see the obvious. 

P.S. When Trump becomes President, don’t blame me. I voted Sanders.

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